What is an “I Love Me” book? and why do I need one?

Many times, during my career I had to produce documents from my past.  Whether to complete training packets for an employer, or to fill out family information for a benefit package.  There has always been one tool that I possess to maintain and organize all my career information.  I call this book my “I Love Me” book.

In its simplest form it is a three-ring binder full of document protectors that contain all my important documents and achievements.   I first started creating the book during my entry into the Army many years ago.  I cannot count the number of times I have been complimented on having all my professional documentation in one easy location and readily available.  Since the beginning when it only contained my simple contract with the Army, to the most recent certificates for my Inspection Authorization renewal it has been an essential part of my career path.

I know that in the digital age of today, it is difficult to understand the importance of maintaining documentation and having it available in a hard copy format.  I recommend keeping a copy of both a digital and hard cope.  My I Love Me book is one hard drive I will never have to worry about crashing.


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